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Single on Valentine’s Day? Here’s How to Relax and Enjoy Yourself

Every year Valentine’s Day comes around and every year, almost like clockwork, it generates much publicized hype and pressure on couples to prove their love for each other by spending as much as possible on flowers and gifts. Some people love this, others hate it, and many couldn't care less. Either way, it’s usually pretty difficult to navigate the holiday stress free.





Valentine’s Day can be especially irritating for many singles. Valentine’s Day places immense pressure on people to be romantic, to love and to be loved. Effectively it is usually the one day a year when a feeling of dread and thoughts of being alone, hit hard.

So how can a single guy or girl make Valentine’s Day as pleasant as possible?

1. Relax! V-Day day is supposed to be fun, not change the course of your life. Besides, no matter how irritating it is, Valentines is just not important enough of a holiday! Just make it a normal day and go about your normal business. If you don’t want to be alone, you can make plans to catch a movie or attend a low-key event with friends.




2. If you’ve just started dating someone, don’t make Valentines too much of a big deal. It is better to keep it as simple and as low-key as possible with Valentine’s Day references at a minimum. First dates on Valentine’s Day may be awkward and place unnecessary pressure. Avoid making Valentine’s Day the romantic pinnacle of your year. You can acknowledge it, but definitely don’t plan the date around it, and maybe even go more casual than you otherwise would.







3. If you’ve just got into a fairly new relationship, don’t have rigid expectations on Valentine’s Day. Avoid getting disappointed with the Valentines Day plans on the table. Having a disappointing Valentine’s Day suggests you have weird/cheesy expectations about this day, like it’s a litmus test of your relationship or the state of romance in your life. People who get upset about Valentine’s Day are the same people who throw fits if, like, their birthday weeks don’t go according to plan. You have to chill about it. You have to. There are 364 other days in the year that can be just as romantic if you’re with the right person, and a spontaneous gesture of love (versus one dictated by the calendar) means so much more than the right restaurant, the right flowers, the right card.




4. Sometimes restaurants and bars may bump up their prices on the big day, but there are many retailers and shops which have special deals and offers. Go ahead and treat yourself to something special. Here is a great place to start the search! After all, you’re not buying a present for anyone else so you may as well spend the money you’ve saved and show yourself some love.




Gestures that are made out of duty on Valentine’s Day aren’t all that romantic really, so spend Valentine’s Day on your own terms. If anything, wouldn’t it be nice if everyone could be a little more laughingly dismissive of February 14?

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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