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A Business Listing Website in Kenya With Deals as Good as That of Online Shopping Sites

Kenya is one of those African countries, that are taking up technology in the most vibrant ways. A recent survey by MasterCard revealed how the dwellers of the country are welcoming every recent change, every update with arms wide open, equally adopting these with all excitement.


The Internet, too, wasn't left out for that matter.


Enter the online shopping mania.
And did it not take the entire nation by storm? It was cheap, convenient and what's more, it did not make the people go product hunting from one shop to the next! Online deals were so tempting that there wasn't any scope left for people to not buy things over the big web. From music to food, from gadgets to books, from clothing to travel tickets, everything, yes, everything was available online. Of course, with online deals in Kenya, these things came for the cheapest prices.



And soon, the trend had gone from being popular to being viral, to being a huge frenzy. Cashless transactions were becoming the 'in' thing. Run-of-the-mill shopping was out. Mainstream devotedly defined online shopping now.


And then, there was a technology boost. With what?
The word is – SMARTPHONES, which, a technology savvy Kenya had embraced readily. E-commerce platforms were now on people's fingertips, with music, apps, software and ticket to theaters becoming the most popular and common purchases. Researching about latest brands and products was easier now with digital wallets making transactions even more pleasant and comfortable.


But wait, there was something that clicked buyers late. What was that?
Security issues, what else? How secured was an online transaction? How does one know what a product feels like without touching it? Will an order reach on time? Or rather, will it ever reach even? How reliable were such online shopping sites? No one had the answer. After all, what was there except a few reviews (and God knows where they came from) claiming the authenticity of such sites and the way they carry their business? It was a big dilemma people were in – to buy online or not to.


Now enter a second kind – the business listing websites.
And this solved all issues. Information about products at physical stores, the routes to reach them and some cool online deals to buy such items with a first hand experience of the same – it was an idea magical enough to make users rely on such sites.


In other words, it was online shopping with a twist. You could still see the products, read reviews about them, have some great offers as well and yet, didn't have to go product-hunting anymore.


And who else can describe it better than Offers Africa – Kenya's business listing website. We came, we saw the issues with online shopping and we overcame them. With all grace.


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