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Like Ivory? Get off our airline!

Like Ivory? Get off our airline!

A remarkable initiative by Safarilink! Read On..

Not very long ago in African history, the elephants who roamed our continent were estimated to be around 7-10 million elephants. These elephants existed in the 1930s. Shockingly, today that number is a drastic 300,000 and declining rapidly.

Extinction Ahead

If the pace at which our elephants are brutally slaughtered is not checked, we are looking at the extinction of the African elephant within a decade.

Can you imagine how that reality would look like?

A world in which you would never ever get to observe these majestic animals in all their splendor? I certainly can’t.

Who can forget the heartbreak we all felt when we learnt that the beautiful bull Satao - the largest tusker in Kenya- was tragically poached in May?

This was how they found the iconic Satao.

Photograph: The Tsavo Trust

The outpouring of grief and outrage for the loss of this great and innocent bull on social media was immense.


“Satao's death is a stark warning to the world that we could lose the last of a rare genes unique to Africa's biggest tuskers.” Says Dr. Paula Kahumbu, CEO of WildlifeDirect, an organization that champions wildlife conservation.

The horrific and tragic loss indeed begs the question, “What should be done to stop the menace that is poaching?”

Hands OFF Our Elephants

To this end, Wildlife Direct launched a major initiative dubbed “Hands Off Our Elephants” to stop the poaching of elephants. Our elephants are a source of national pride and should be protected for future generations.

Therefore, how fitting that one of the key players in the tourism industry, Safarilink Aviation, was the first airline in Kenya to join the “Hands Off Our Elephants” initiative.

On Saturday 5th July 2014, Safarilink flagged off a partnership with Wildlife Direct to support the Kenyan Hands Off Our Elephants campaign by branding all aircrafts with 'HANDS OFF OUR ELEPHANTS' messaging and adopting a policy of no ivory on board Safarilink aircraft.


Safarilink, which provides scheduled services to all the major game parks in Kenya, is the first airline to partner with Wildlife Direct to help raise public awareness to stem the  trafficking of ivory and other wildlife products.

This campaign is important because Kenya is renowned as a hub for the transiting of ivory and 80% of the ivory exiting Africa is passing through Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania,  so the message is intended to reach thousands of travelers who see or travel on Safarilink.

This is a huge win towards the efforts of protecting our wildlife heritage because Safarilink is in a unique position to get this important message to tens of thousands of people who see or travel with Safarilink.

Every ivory bracelet or ornament comes from a MURDERED elephant! 

Creating awareness to as many people as possible is a major step towards ensuring that the legacy of the great Satao and indeed all fallen elephants, never dies.

We, at are incredibly proud to be affiliated with Safarilink

Kudos to being the first airline to adopt this great initiative.

We urge you to encourage travel via Safarilink. Creating impact and awareness of this extinction is key to make a strong emotional impact especially when our dear travelers are en-route to these magnificent game reserves.

We are experiencing a surge in tourists from Asia, more specifically China, this poignant inflight campaign will spread the word and will hopefully result in an emotional pull with a lasting impact.

Let us encourage other players in the travel industry to adopt a similar campaign.

Our future generations need to witness these beautiful animals that we are so passionate about.

Every little thing we can do will help sustain our precious elephants!

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