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Cool Career Scopes for Him and Her: Leg Up-Online Shopping and Deals in Kenya

Career options – the two words can sometimes pose as a dead end, where you may ask, “What have I landed myself into?”

But the fact is that your future isn't always about a cook-up of how much you've read at high school and colleges or scored at what they call 'fate-settling-exams.' Sometimes, the tables are otherwise, where your fine skills pay off more than what you crammed at school. Let's look at some.


online shopping deals in kenya

Guys, how does 'sports' treat you?
Are you good at it - Cycling, Football, Rugby, Cricket? Or anything for that matter? How gifted are you? How hard do you practice?

Many a great sportsperson do not make it to the laurels just because they don't opt for it. They watch matches, clap at someone else's victory and go home only to struggle with books that they can't decode or with office work that do not seem to interest them. May be a fling for a game would have earned them more money. It's, well, a pathetic story.

Wake up Kenyan! Passion is the only thing you need. Don't sloth and sulk. Follow your heart. And if you don't know where to begin, consider checking out some good online deals or contacting a sports accessories seller. He'll have what you exactly need – sports goods.

Good luck with your new career!

Coming to girls, how about being a Fashion Guru?

Girls and fashion are almost a synonym. Take fashion out of a girl and she will soon wither away. And hence, this can be a great career option for the ladies. Boutiques, shops and even blogs – the designer has her way everywhere. And, with online shopping in Kenya becoming a craze, selling women's fashion accessories, especially clothes, has become even more easier.

But yes, to design dresses , some basic idea about sewing is necessary. You'll need to spend hours in mastering the art, destroying long lengths of fabric in the process. Collateral damage, kind of.

But, the more you do, the finer you become. Use sources to learn and refine your skill. Surf the Internet, read books, talk to people you who know can stitch really well. And don't run after perfection. It's a myth and can only bring you fear.

If dress making is what bites you most, grab a sewing machine this instant and get going. And if not dresses than there's jewelry designing too.

So, all the lovely people out there, do what suits you best. Learn what you are good at. Had François Pienaar or JJ Schoeman thought otherwise, imagine where they would have stood now.


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